Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wild Berry Tea

My girls and I tend to go to the play area at the mall on the weekends, it’s cold here, but my girls are still social beings. Once we are done with the play area, however, down that same hall is Teavana. It just came in about a year and a half ago, and the girls learned quick that they have samples! They have two hot teas and two cold teas, somehow they are similar ones or even the sameone every time. My oldest fell in love with the cold berry tea that they have. If you have ever met a child, you know, you do something once with them, you must do it every single time thereafter. So when she asked to buy it to bring it home, I took a look into the cost…let’s just say I made a new promise.
We have a different type of tea at home, and it dawned on me one day.. why can’t I make “cold tea” and have it for everyday?
Doesn’t this jar remind you of sun tea? My grandmother use to make that all the time on the farm. I think I will try it that way this summer. For now, I put boiling water over the tea bags. I put in 6 tea bags to 4 cups of water. I am not sure if that was the correct ratio, but it works for us.
This is how my girls like to drink their tea, even when it’s cold… tiny cup, and “ice cubes” like my little daughter like to call them. I think this tea, with some true ice cubes, would be nice, in the summer. I have a perfect double-walled Starbucks come that would do the job perfect! Doesn’t that remind you of their new passion fruit tea?

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