Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nutella & Love

Yesterday was my husbands birthday, and many of you know (or are about to know) that he moved to the US when he was 19. I met him about 6 months later, and before he knew it, I claimed him for my own. I didn’t even give him a chance to learn the culture, or fully the language before I locked him down. *sheepish grin*

Also, as many of you know, I have a slight obsession with Pinterest… AND Pinterest has a slight obsession with Nutella <3

So behold the fairytale I am about to tell you that mushes all the above mentioned facts.


As most young kids that are in love, we had to compare notes on all things we loved previous to each other, right? Food is one thing we had in common! I was not one of those skinny, salad eating girls ever in my life… I LOVE desserts, in fact I LOVE sugar. My husband, as sweet as he already is, loves sugar more than me, that’s no easy feat. Afterall, I use to eat candy bars for breakfast in high school. Anyhow, we started to compare notes on desserts one day. I explained to him that I would have to bring him to grandma’s so that he could try my favorite cake “that tastes like heaven”. He said “oh no, my dessert IS heaven, and I will bring you to my grandma’s tomorrow”

We did, in fact go the next day,  and this is what was placed in front of me:


“palacinke” (paul-e-chen-kuh) Sanel added.

Well, I guess here is where my fairytale has an unexpected twist. I did not like them, at all… in fact, it is actually Nutella I do not like. *gasp*

Here is how my fairytale ends: I make my husband the palacinke, that he adores, for his birthday, I’m a good wife like that. I then make mine what I like to call the “Katrina way”. Americans & Bosnians in perfect harmony <3


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