Thursday, March 14, 2013

Organic Deli Tray


First of all, do you or someone you know attend family functions where some or all of the people attending do not care about their food being organic? In fact, some of you out there might even be saying the people attending this family functions do not even seem to care about healthy options at all.

Well, here is a go-to for you, without bringing something too crazy. Something like ‘hummus & whole wheat crackers’?! I just have to smirk at myself, because that would have been me just five or so years ago.

As you can tell from this picture (sorry for the poor quality), it is not all organics on this tray, but you could put your own stamp of approval on it. The trays here are organic veggies & Boar’s Head deli meats. I have not taken the organic cheese plunge, it is just not economically feasible for me. Everything in time though I am sure.

So what healthy options would you add to your tray, that would still be options for your ‘conventional’ crowd?

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