Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The simple things in life

My husband bought me some lovely roses for International Women’s Day, March 8th. I got a dozen of them, half white and half purple; the colors from our wedding. Isn’t it lovely when your husband remembers the little things?


I was hoping to bring a couple of them to work with me, to enjoy there, but I couldn’t find my bud vase. Actually, do I even own a bud vase? hmmmm… I went ahead to work without them this morning. When I got there, the universe must have heard me, because one of my coworkers were drinking out of this bottle. I walked up to him and said “Oh I see Starbucks changed their packaging. I am such a sucker for cool, unique packaging.” Just like that I had an empty bottle in my hands. Lucky for me I work in the print industry, so getting the sticky label goo off was as easy as walking over to get the acetone off the press. I had the twine in my drawer at home, from use in my garden. So? What do you think? It will look nice on my desk at work, right?

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