Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Walk (part 1)

You know when I posted about t.v. turnoff week, and I told you that the part I was most excited for was Artwalk? I took loads of pictures to share with you, in fact enough that I am dividing it into two posts.

As we walked in there was a table with programs, just like an art gallery. As I said before, we tapped all walls with colored paper, so that it gave that professional look. ;)


We started off in the Kindergarten hall, and the first display was this. Most, but not all, displays had three main components: the kids artwork (of course), a “artists poster” that they were aim-ish for, & an art piece from one of the school districts art teachers, which tied it all together. Forgive me, but I do not know the artist of these pieces, nor did I get what was going on till half way through.


Here is my lil punkin’s art piece for this one. Love, cupcakes, rainbows, & chocolates. YUM



This was the cave that the art teacher made for this display. Is it not the cutest thing?


This artwalk was made up of things projects that the kids had done ahead of time, though out the year. This project I went to help with, when they did it. It was called “cave art”, the idea was to replicate a ‘cave wall drawing’. We used a paper bag and crumbled it all up so that we could re-flatten it to give it the effect. Then we used only the colors that they would have had access to. It was lots of fun.


Here is my babies version of ‘cave art’. Don’t you love the bear? So cute!


Last but not least, in the Kindergarten hall, my munchkin’s version of her “Rainbow Fish”. I was super proud of this one because it was not her usual pink, pink. & more pink!

All the other grades in the next post. Other grades are just some of my favorite displays. I have some Monet & Picasso for you!

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