Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Artwalk (part 2)

As promised, here is the other half of the artwalk. These are from all the other grades, so will not include any art works from my munchkin.


I realize there are a lot of pictures here, so you can’t really see the detail, but every. single. one. is holding a child. So sweet! Reminded me of why exactly I was there.


I guess I should be embarrassed that I do not know who she is?! The kids works of art were amazing though!


This was Alisa’s favorite one however. Isn’t it pretty? The middle was tissue paper. I was thinking this would be a nice craft for her & her sister on a rainy afternoon.


This was the one that I wanted to attempt. I would have never thought to try to recreate my version, but I absolutely love these! So bright & colorful to brighten up a space.


Picasso! I was pleasantly surprised at how very awesome these 4th graders did on these!


Here is another project I was thinking would be loads of fun for our family. I had to get all of them in, so here is another picture of them…


What do you think? I love the third one over from the left, top row… reminds me of Paris for some reason????


This one was my husbands favorite. I pointed out the Notre Dame one, but he said it was actually the entire collection together that he liked. I concur.

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