Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Holding my breath till summer


I’ve been withholding information from you…

It’s not lying, I promise! It’s just that I have been umm..

planning, AND uh waiting

AND making sure that…


Now that I have blurted that out, and it’s in the open, there is SO much to say!


Que the music: *I’m leavin’ on a jet plane….*

I’m so excited! I have been wanting to go since 5th grade. YES, I know exactly when I started thinking about a “world” outside of my bubble. It was in 5th grade when we had to do our project on countries. I picked Germany, now I am going to Germany!


Freiburg, Germany to be exact. My husband lived there for 7 years before he came to the states. Now I will finally get to see where he spend his teens.

I will also be going to Bosnia (of course) to visit his hometown. This makes going to Europe all the more exciting. I will not only be getting to see the other side of the pond, but also get to see where my husband lived his life before me. It has been a long time in the making I tell ya!

I’ve got to hear such wonderful stories from all the Europeans I have met over the last 13+ years. I almost feel as if I have traveled to some of these places, although it’s only been in my head. One place I was sure not to miss once I heard Bosnia was Mostar and Mostar bridge.


Isn’t she beautiful? Another place that my husband and family would go to visit was Croatia, and also another place I can’t wait to experience. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea?! Com’on now! Get. out. I feel so spoiled.


Views like this! Who wouldn’t be amazed? Can’t wait to be that crazy tourist snapping a billion pictures. (Don’t worry I will share them with you!)

One more place that we will be lucky enough to experience is Italy. Whoot Whoot! We are lucky to know people that we can stay with there.


From what I understand this place called ‘Oliver’ is close by her home! Mouth watering? Yeah me too!

Such a lucky girl. #blessedlife

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