Monday, April 8, 2013

The dangers of being cheap!

I have a wedding to attend at the end of May, and contemplated buying a new dress for the occasion. I decided just to “see what was out there” a few weekends ago. I went to the usual places, and The Limited being one of them, I popped in there too. This amazing dress was before me! In. LoVe! Yes, you guessed correctly, I walked away.


In my defense, Easter was coming up, and I KNEW it would be on sale once it had past, right?! Well, right… but once it was on sale, no more in my size :(

“But, Katrina, zoom over to the internet and order it."

Nope! Gone there too. Don’t fret though, I went to the outlet mall this weekend. I’m not AS in LoVe with the one I picked up, but it has pockets!

Picture to follow <3


  1. I'm so with you... I miss so many outfits because I can't fork out the money for the one I really love. However, it is probably good in the long run. The one time I really splurged on a dress however was for a banana republic mad men style black lace dress. And, I still love it. So, maybe we both should splurge more often?

    1. First of all, sorry I didn't reply sooner, but you somehow got in my spam folder :(
      Secondly, I am with you, when I do splurge once in awhile I am the happiest person in the world! Why don't we splurge on ourselves more often?! I think it's because we are mothers, and children come first. :)
      Remember my "famous" purse: