Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whale Watching?

Last time I visited California I was on a tighter than usual budget, but had ampul time on my hands. *This is just how life works and we all know it.* 
However, as the saying goes "when in Rome..." and I was in California right? How could I not partake in the fun things Cali has to offer? Well, lucky for me I have family in Cali to lead the way! My lovely SIL jumped right on GroupOn and found a wonderful "LifeHack", as I like to call them. We got very cheap tickets to go whale watching, but what we were unaware of at the time is that we would see no whales. It was the wrong time of year for that, hence the cheap tickets. Does this sound like a problem? Well watch below and you MAY change your mind...

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