Thursday, October 16, 2014

Full on Coffee Addict!

When I first met my husband, the only attachment to coffee I had was with my memories of mornings breakfasts on my grandmothers farm. I had vague memories of her giving me lots of milk with a touch of coffee when I was young... I did NOT like it, at all! As close I came is my Chantico. Coffee to me was so bitter... and not drinkable at all. At 19 I met my lovely husband as well as his family, and as we have covered in the past, they are Bosnian. This is a metaphor for *big time coffee drinkers*, not just any coffee, what most Americans would call Turkish coffee, or my hillbilly grandfather would've called cowboy coffee. I, at 19, turned my nose at this, coffee to me was so bitter. 

At about 25, we moved into our new apartment, and with it came a new town, and new places to explore! I found a wonderful place for a sugaraholic like me called South Bend Chocolate Company. I decided one day to try their mocha, verses their hot chocolate. I'll be honest, the chocolate spoon did me in. These mochas were extra extra sweet, so when I began to drink mochas from Starbucks they were very bitter in comparison. I had a few friends, however, that I met on a regular at Starbucks, so I drank them for awhile.

You may have already noticed where I am going with this story, now I am a full on coffee addict! Although I am now drinking Bosnian coffee, Turkish coffee, or Cowboy coffee (however you like to call it), I still drink it with tons of sugar and I LOVE cream in it as well. I get teased a bit from the Bosnians about this, apparently I drink coffee *like a child*, but I can tell you this: 
The child me, at grandma's farm, did not like that coffee taste at all!
Its a love/hate relationship with this progression of needing that coffee *bitter* taste :)

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