Monday, February 7, 2011

Maya's First Birthday

For Maya's 1st birthday, we had an outdoor affair. Considering the weather
outside at the moment, I hope this post will be a refreshing reminder that
Spring is right around the corner... right?

Maya indulged in lots of friends & presents! Luckily, she had
her big sisters help to open all those gifts.

We went for an outdoor garden theme, but mainly it was
all about the "purple" once we found her cute dress. :)

Purple cupcakes were my highlight for the party. It was
my fun spin on "red velvet" cupcakes. They had silver bottoms, &
white icing so that it was a wonderful surprise to bite in and find Purple.

This is my husbands work! Isn't it so cute? We have the garden
theme best represented here. There is a fish, frog, bee, bunny, butterfly, &
even a mushroom. I love it! It was Maya's smash cake.

Overall it was a perfect day out, & a perfect 1st birthday for Maya :)

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  1. I love the wings, and the bees on the cake! How sweet!!!