Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maya's Tribune

When I posted Alisa's first invitation, I felt I only give you a "teaser" view, so... here I am with "Maya's Tribune", Alisa's was called "Alisa's Times". The top image of this invite is the back and face of a "booklet". When I created Alisa's invitation 17 months prior, I said "never again!", but as all you moms know what you do for one of your children you would and do do for all :) I changed it up a little in the middle of the booklet. For Alisa's I did all her "firsts", for Maya's I did "a year", and did a little recap for each month. As for the table of contents and Maya's favorite things {my spin on Oprah's favorite things}, I did the same in Alisa's. So now you are asking about the lovely cartoon drawings to the left? That is my husband's page, complete with his hand drawings. He also did a page in the "Alisa's Times" booklet invite I made.
I have to say I am uber proud of how these booklets turned out, and I am hoping my children cherish them as they get older. They were both worth all the time and effort put into them!

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