Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Party–Alisa is 5?!


So I have created this monster called the birthday party. We start planning as soon as the last one is over. Alisa has already informed me that her next one, in six months from now, will be Barbie. She loves these kind of cakes:


I found this pretty little one over here. She wants the one at Meijer, however, I couldn’t find a picture of it. We honest to goodness have to look at it ever. single. time. we go in that store Smile

I have also been zooming around Pinterest again.. and have found some other things that I would like to do for this party. I am mildly obsessed by these cupcakes. I think I would attempt to make them cake pops though, what do you think?


They are just so adorable. How could you not have one, or twelve! I always like to link if I know it, it can be found over here.


I found this one on Pinterest as well, but the one thing I want to implement from this picture are these square plates making the backdrop… it’s one of those things that I wish I would have came up with on my own! This picture along with other colors are over here.

One more thing that I found… I love the idea of not really having to pay for helium. This idea is amazing, and it really gives that wow factor for cheap. This idea came from TomKat.


I am sure that more ideas will come my way, but thus far this is what we are looking forward to. So what do you think? Any ideas out there? I esspecially love the Barbie 50th birthday party over at Hostess with the Mostess, but have a feeling that might get a little costly for me.


  1. Oh wow! I remember my Barbie party growing up was my favorite party! :) I really like the plate backdrop inspiration and will have to use that in an upcoming party (so smart!). Thanks for posting it... I hadn't seen yet! I posted a {REAL PARTY} a friend threw for her daughter a few months back that had some great BUDGET tips for a fun Barbie party: ALSO, check out for a fantastic Barbie font!

  2. I think the plates are cute too...maybe you can find some Barbie paper plates to match up with some plain pink and make a pattern...she's be tickled pink....OK I couldnt resist that one...The balloon idea works great, we use it cuz Im too cheap for helium. They look really nice when arranged in diff levels like a chandelier...I always hang some from the ceiling fans too!