Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A house behind my house

Once I came back from California, I started full-speed on a new project. It did take a few weekends to accomplish, including Memorial Day weekend, but it is complete.

DSC_0789     DSC_0788

So I started out with a big mess… and at a couple points in time I may or may not have been cursing myself for starting this project to begin with, but I continued on & on & on….

DSC_0862     DSC_0863

I got the grass pulled up, the plastic put down, the house washed out and set carefully in the middle. I got the rocks in place {yes I found these in my garden}.. and once I put the pavers in front of the door this is when my youngest stop paying attention to the sprinkler, and ran over to say “mommy you made a walking place for us?!” I cut holes in the plastic and put in the flowers, this is what got my oldest on board. She is all about flowers {she might have gotten that from her mama}

DSC_0864     DSC_0867

It’s all in the details! I got the pavers for 2$ a piece and found this mini hanging plant for 5$.

DSC_0744     DSC_0746

Overall, I am so proud of myself. I did it all myself, besides moving the river rock from the trunk to the backyard. The girls love the new playhouse… they say “It’s good!” with a smile. Everyone’s happy with how it turned out Open-mouthed smile


  1. Way to go Katrina! That is really great!!

  2. This is fantastic, Katrina. My boys would think that was about as cool as it gets. Nice work!