Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What’s in your garden?

I posted about my garden in March, and about how I started from seed this year. I had quite a few tomato plants to choose from. I planted the best 7 or 8 in the garden and put the tomato cages around them. They all pretty much looked like this:


Not too bad I was thinking.. they will get a little rain and a little sun then hardy up, right? Right? No! Wrong! I put off putting these in my garden:


So some little munchkin of a thing {assuming Peter Cottontail} came and munched down my pretty little plants. Frustrating I tell ya! I re-planted with the mediocre plants I had left, we will see how they pan out. In the meantime, I put my marigolds around my garden’s edge to keep Peter OUT! What do you do to keep the critters away?

My husband laughs at me every year about the marigolds, but 3 years I had no problems, then this year I tried to get away with something, and look where it has gotten me? Mediocre plants that may not survive! I think I will stick with my marigolds, even if it is a wives-tale {And even though I think they are rather ugly, Well, the white ones are okay}

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