Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There are my things that I have expressed my <3 on this blog about. Such as? Well my Family of course, the Beatles, Mata Samiches, my garden, & many many others. But yet one more food love I have to tell you about… As far back as I can remember, I have fond memories of walking into grandma’s farmhouse to a Angel Food cake upside down on the vintage glass pop bottle. I <3 Angel Food cake, like as in, eat a whole one in one day when I was 10, kinda love! No. Seriously :)

I have one problem though, as much as I enjoy this deliciously scrumptious-nesses, I can not seem to remember to bring one of those pop bottles home with me. I also can not remember to buy a bunt pan {of which I have no other use than this}.

So the other-day-ago, I was zooming along the baking aisle and found myself looking longingly at the Angel Food cake. I decided to put it up in my cupboard and then THEN I would remember next time I was at the store to buy one. But to my surprise as I was reading the back that night, I found all I needed was a couple loaf pans.. of which I have one! SO, I made one batch and while it was baking I placed the other half in the fridge with the thought that I would at least get a taste of this wonderfulness if the other half didn’t work out…


BUT.. It did!

So I was pleasantly surprised twice and got to have my lovely Angel Food cake and eat it too {pun intended} Of course it wasn’t as good as grandma’s, but let’s face it, it never is!

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