Thursday, September 22, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

So I know I had been having a hard time letting go of Summer this year {cause it was just too much darn fun!} But a few days ago two wonderful things happen:

1. My oldest started to notice the trees are changing colors. Every time she {or her little sister} spots one, she points it out and laughs about it. Isn’t it amazing how you “rediscover” everything for the first time through your child’s eyes?! The other day on our way to the library, my daughter saw a “yellow tree”, and last night at the supper table my youngest noticed the tree in our front yard is changing too. They <3 it!

2. My mums are coming up big & better than ever this year. I purposely planted the burnt orange ones in front of our home, to remind me that Autumn is in bloom, literally. Does orange signal Autumn for you too? I took a few photos to share with you… enjoy!















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