Monday, February 25, 2013

Vintage of the Bubbly kind

Have I mentioned we have a Chocolate Company in our town? Yeap! In fact, in the first couple years after I moved to the South Bend area, I had a wedding to plan, and… I purchased my bridesmaids a mini box of chocolates. Each one picked by me, according to their tastes.

I adore everything about the South Bend Chocolate Co. Café, I could easily write a dozen posts about them alone. It is Chocolate after all, we know what an addiction I have!

This post, however is not about chocolate, but it is about sugar of another variety. Soda Pop! Every vintage soda pop I’ve ever heard of, and loads I haven’t…


I had to take pictures to share with you, all the colors, and lined up all nice and pretty. Doesn’t it make you want to sample every single one? I know I sure do… however, I am starting with the root beers first. They seem to remind me of my childhood the most, and there are several of them. (Side note: I tried the DANG! butterscotch root beer pictured in front, holy yumm) Who knew there were so many types of Vintage soda?


Someone give me a swirly-loopy straw! <3

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